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We Are Sonocraft

Sonocraft is a combination of the Latin word “Sonus” (prefix sono) meaning sound and the English word “craft”. In a nutshell:
We Craft Sounds.
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Sana BouChedid

Professional Vocalist & Vocal coach with a B.A in Jazz Musicology and a background in Speech Therapy.

Sana has 10+ years of experience in music teaching, studio recording, and V.O. acting. She performs live as a lead and backup singer in different music styles.


Remy Hachem

Professional Musician and Audio Engineer with a certificate in Audio Engineering - Live Sound and Post-Production - from Musicians Institute (MI), Hollywood (Los Angeles, USA).

Remy has 10+ years of experience in music teaching, and studio recording. He performs live as a pianist and bassist in different music styles.

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